Crete Yacht Charters


Day 1.     
Departure from Marina Flisvos for Milos             85 n.n                05h .40m
                          Overnight at Adamas port (Milos)
Day 2.      
Departure from Adamas port (Milos) for Chania Area (Crete)    85 n.m   05h . 40m
                  Cruising  Chania Area                                                45 n.m   03h . 00m
                          Overnight at Chania port
Day 3.  
Departure from Chania port for Rethymno (Crete)                       60 n.m  04h . 00m
                  Cruising Rethymno area
                          Overnight at Rethymno port
Day 4.    
Departure from Rethymno port for Heraklio                                45 n.m    03h . 00m  
                   Cruising Heraklio area
                             Overnight at Heraklio port
Day 5.          
Departure fro Heraklio port for Fira (Santorini)                            70 n.m    04h .40m
                    All day at Santorini
                                Overnight at Fira (Santorini)
Day 6.  
Departure from Fira for Mykonos                                                  75 n.m   05h . 00m
                    All day at Mykonos
                                  Overnight at Mykonos
Day 7.
Departure from Mykonos to Naousa (Paros)                                 20 n.m    01h . 20m
Departure from Mykonos to Delos – Rinia                                   15 n.m     01h . 00m
Departure from Paros to Ermoupolis (Syros)                               15 n.m      01h . 00m
                                  Overnight at Ermoupolis (Syros)
Day 8.                                     
Departure from Ermoupolis (Syros) to Marina Flisvos                 80 n.m      05h . 20m
  Total Miles :  595               39h . 40m
Image: WWWlad