British Virgin Islands

Day 1


Tortola is the largest island of the British Virgin Islands, and is one of the best known yacht spots in the Caribbean. The busy harbour is the charter boat capital of the Caribbean and with good reason – along with some interesting ruins and the fabulous National Park at the top of Mount Sage, Tortola offers spectacular powdery white, sandy beaches offering wonderful snorkeling opportunities with fantastic restaurants & bars which serve local brew.

Day 2

Jost Van Dyke

Named after an early Dutch settler, Jost Van Dyke is a small picturesque island northwest of Tortola. At 4 miles long, the island is home to only a few hundred permanent residents and is known for its idyllic yacht anchorages. It is the ideal spot for those who want to get away from it all. You will be spoiled by its lush green forests, powdery beaches, turquoise waters and not much else!

Day 3

Norman Island

Norman Island is on the edge of the Frances Drake Channel, lying close to Tortola and Peter Island, and part of the British Virgin Islands. Legend has it that treasure is buried here and was perhaps the island behind Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Bight is one of the most scenic harbours, offering over 100 moorings and is an ideal spot from where you can dive and snorkel, or set off on some fantastic hiking trails. Any stop here is not complete without a visit to Pirates Bight oceanfront, pavilion style beach club & restaurant.

Day 4

Key Cay

Key Cay is a small islet with white sandy beaches that crest from bay to bay. A snorkleing and SCUBA haven, you will find schools of vibrant fish dance before you in colorful displays, such as puffer fish, bull ray and stingray.

Day 5

Salt Island

Salt Island is the perfect spot to anchor and enjoy your yacht’s water toys or laze on the beach in complete tranquility. If you prefer diving, then the wreck of the RMS RHONE, which is situated west of Salt Island and is one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean. It is divided into three sections underneath the surface, the deepest of which is 24 meters (80 feet). Divers will encounter grey angelfish, pipefish and barracuda along with a number of colourful schools of fish swimming around the corals. While Salt Island has barely been inhabited for years, with no more than 3 residents on the island, they do pay rent in the form of a one pound bag of salt, presented ceremoniously to the Queen of England each year.

Day 6

Ginger Island

Ginger Island is one of the few uninhabited, private islands of the BVI. It is the perfect point to anchor off and explore two of the best dive sites of the region, Ginger Steppes and Alice In Wonderland which are not far from each other. These sites are a divers’ paradise where you will encounter puffer fish, reef sharks and stingrays glide gliding amongst corals and sea anemones.

Day 7

Virgin Gorda

The third largest island of the BVI, is located at about 12 miles from Tortola, on the western side of Aguilla. The name Virgin Gorda is said to have been given by Christopher Columbus, who thought the shape of the island resembled a woman lying on her side, giving rise to the name “Fat Virgin”. This is the quintessential Caribbean destination, with natural beauty, national parks, unspoiled beaches, safe anchorages & quiet coves for you to explore. One of the island’s most well known attractions is “The Baths”, which are an unusual geological formation of huge granite boulders lying on the beach, which form scenic grottos and pools.

Day 8

Necker Island

Necker Island, a private island part of the British Virgin Islands, is owned by Sir Richard Branson. This is a luxury environment operated entirely as a resort. Despite being privately owned and the amenities for exclusive use by guests, the beaches up to the waterline are considered property of the Crown, and are therefore open to the public.

Day 9

Scrub Island

Scrub Island is a private resort island offering nature and indulgence in equal measure. Visitors here can spend the morning hiking the island’s trails before having lunch on board or at the resort’s restaurant, then scuba dive and snorkel in the caves and reefs throughout the afternoon, finishing the day by partying along one of the stunning beaches. If you don’t have spa facilities on board, you can request to use the resort’s facilities.

Day 10

Beef Island

Beef Island is located just east off the coast of Tortola, with the two islands being connected by the Queen Elizabeth Bridge. The Terrance B Lettsome International airport can be found here. Moor at Trellis bay for a laid back, family friendly vibe, with great food and beaches.