Leeward Islands

Day 1


Arrive at VC Bird Airport on Antigua and be whisked away to your idyll for the next few days. Your yacht will be anchored off Green Island to the east of the island, a wonderful haven of peace and tranquillity. Antigua’s has expansive coastlines with its numerous white sandy beaches, secluded coves and picturesque harbors. Antigua is steeped in maritime history and renowned for being a place for fun, socializing and complete relaxation on its miles of sandy beaches. Step ashore and slow the pace, this island definitely runs on its own time.

Day 2

St Kitts & Nevis

St Kitts and its neighbouring island, Nevis are known for their historic, cultural and architectural importance. Despite relying heavily on tourism, the islands are less dense in hotel resorts and are amongst the most enchanting and picturesque in the entire Caribbean. The preservation of their ecosystems is a paradise to nature lovers, and the gentle hike up Nevis Peak, the active volcano which makes up the island, will spoil you with amazing views. The capital of the islands is the bustling Basse-Terre, located on Saint Kitts, where you can brush up on the island’s history at the National Museum or enjoy one of the many outdoor bars & duty free shopping.

Day 3

Saba Island

A tiny island, Saba sits in the pocket of the West Indies that forms part of the Leeward Islands chain. This Dutch owned piece of heaven is constantly called an unspoilt paradise and for good reason. Abundant in marine life, studded by dramatic peaks, and very much an oasis of green and blue, Saba Island has so much to offer for the nature lover. A world class diving destination, Saba invites you to plunge beneath the surface and explore its kaleidoscopic colours. The whole coastline is celebrated as being a marine national park ensuring encounters with sea turtles, parrot fish, barracuda, and even the chance to meet whale sharks. Outside of the water and there’s rainforest trails, a selection of small museums, lace making workshops, and soft spa afternoons. For those exploring the Leeward Islands, Saba makes for a sensational stop.

Day 4 & 5

St Barths

Named after Christopher Columbus’s younger brother, Bartholomew, St Barthelemy is world famous as a luxury island charter destination. If you are looking for the perfect beach then you will no doubt find one here as there are over 20 of them to choose from, along with excellent sailing opportunities around the island. This impressive volcanic island is surrounded by shallow reefs, with its Capital Gustavia being home to the main harbour. Rich in corals and vulnerable habitats, the waters surrounding the island have been a protected area since 1996. Everything about the island is distinctively French (despite belonging to Sweden for a good century!) The island’s natural beauty seemlessly intertwines with the luxury resort vibe, lively nightlife and wonderful shopping and restaurants.

Day 6


In the Leeward chain of the Caribbean Sea, close to St Martin lies Anguilla, which offers natural beauty and a more relaxed atmosphere, with the island generally less developed and one of the best kept secrets of the area. The locals have kept this pristine paradise from developers and Anguilla therefore attracts a high end clientele. This Caribbean paradise is known for its ecologically important coral reefs, which are perfect for snorkeling, pristine palm lined beaches where you can enjoy a bbq and cocktail at one of the many vibrant beach bars, or anchor off one of the island’s quiet coves.

Day 7

Saint Martin

The French side of the island of Saint Martin, is part of the European Union, with Marigot as her capital. However neither side of the island is part of the Schengen Zone. The Island has a rich cultural heritage with over a hundred different nationalities and languages spoken. There is plenty to do here for the adventurous and active, from hiking to zip lining, jetskiing, diving, or for something a littler quieter, anchoring off the hidden bays and coves to enjoy the peaceful, powdery, white-sand beaches.