Day 1


Goidhoo is one of the inhabited islands of the Baa Atoll. This magical island will enchant you with a variety of activities – here you can see bioluminescent plankton, walk through palm trees and freshwater lakes while being serenaded by local bird life, spot huge hermit crabs crawling along the powdery white shores, and witness the spectacular underwater life paradise where you can dive and snorkel amongst turtles, rays and dolphins.

Day 2


Snorkel or scuba dive with manta rays and brightly coloured fish softly gliding over coral beds. This remote protected marine area is swathed in pastel-coloured hues and provides the peace and quiet that can only be found away from civilization, allowing you to spend quality time with family and friends from aboard your luxury yacht. This is the ideal sport for some snorkeling, scuba diving and underwater photography.

Day 3

Innafushi & Hithaadhoo

To the west of Goidhoo lies the deserted island of Innafushi, surrounded by powdery, white sands, and turquoise waters making it the ideal location for a romantic proposal, honeymoon or anniversary.

This is the Baa Atoll’s third largest island and an ideal destination for sport fishing for bluefin, grouper and snapper. Your catch could be prepared by the yacht’s chef and enjoyed on board. Stop off on the island for some people watching from one of the island’s cafes or take a stroll through one of the island’s parks.

Day 4


Dharavandhoo is a tiny populated island, with around 800 inhabitants and is surrounded by perfect, clear waters which are known worldwide for their amazing dive sites where you can spot whale sharks and manta rays.

Day 5


The Maldives is a breathtaking group of islands in the Indian Ocean, ideal for yacht charters. Chartering here is ideal during the northern hemisphere’s winter months, at the same time as the Caribbean, and provide a unique and exotic alternative to this famous destination. The Maldives offers a warm climate, world-class beaches (some say the best in the world), and stunning coves and lagoons. The archipelago consists of 1,190 coral islands with exceptional scenery and beauty, perfect for snorkelling and diving. MalĂ© is the densely populated capital of the Maldives known for its colourful buildings and mosques. Enjoy a visit to a local market, sample the local cuisine, and take in the sights around Sultan Park, which include museums, art galleries and the Friday Mosque that dates back to 1656.

Day 6

Vaavu Atoll

The Vaavu Atoll is made up of five islands between the Felidhoo Atoll and the Vattaru Falhu Atoll, with a population of just over 2,000 people, providing visitors with a playground of white sand beaches for beach sports or romantic strolls.

Day 7

Mulaku Atoll

The Mulaku Atoll, also known as the Meemu Atoll, is made up of nine inhabited islands and 30 uninhabited islands, and tourists can join the fishermen at the best local fishing spots. For charter guests who enjoy scuba diving and surfing will find that Mulaku Atoll offers ideal conditions for these activities.

Day 8

Laamu Atoll

Just ten of the 82 islands in the Laamu Atoll (also known as Haddhunmathi/Haddummati Atoll) are inhabited, and this romantic destination is surrounded by coral reefs and lagoons with an abundance of sea life. On a drift dive through the Isdhoo and Maabaidhoo Kandu dive sites, you may encounter 20 different whale and dolphin species, or spend your time on powdery white beaches watching the sunset.

Day 9

Thaa Atoll

Thaa Atoll, also known as Kohlmadulu Atoll, is the place to go in the Maldives if you want to simply relax and enjoy the facilities and water toys on board. Here you can jump in to the water and immerse yourself in the magnificent marine life, where you will be surrounded by schools of fish of all shapes and sizes.