Day 1


Dubrovnik is a must stop on any Croatian yacht charter with its UNESCO Heritage site, the ‘Old Town Dubrovnik’. Walk the narrow cobbled streets awe of the fascinating architecture this magnificent city has on offer in the realm of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Enjoy a fabulous meal in one of the many fine-dining restaurants selected by your Captain and the crew after a day of culture and history, followed by a drink or two in an exclusive nightclub. If loud music and dancing is not your thing, in one of the relaxed and quaint little wine bars, you might taste some of Croatia’s excellent wines or drink a late night coffee watching the passersby. The high stone city walls of Dubrovnik and other attractions such as Luza Square, Stradun, Sponza Palace, Orlando Column, City Hall, National Theatre, Rector’s Palace and Bishop’s Palace are just some of the key elements this city has to offer.

Day 2


Mljet is also home to two interconnecting salt-lakes, Veliko Jazero and Malo Jazero, in the Mljet National Park. The lakes, with sources dating back 10, 0000 years, are proclaimed to be unusual geological and oceanographic phenomena of global significance.Up until the Christian era, these were freshwater lakes. They are surrounded by beautiful, rich forests creating an image of an unspoiled natural world. On a small islet of Veliko Jazero, you’ll find the 12th century Benedictine Monastery of St. Mary, which is a significant part of the history of the Illyrian tribes, the Roman Empire and the Republic of Dubrovnik.

Day 3


The beautiful, remote island of Lastovo, and the surrounding archipelago, make for the perfect spot to explore quaint, ancient stone villages and weave through the lush pine forests. Anchor off the island to swim in the sparkling clear waters or rest on a small pebble beach. With less than a thousand inhabitants, nature is in abundance here. The island is also well known for its dry, white wine “Lenovo Marastina”.

Day 4


In the north-eastern part of Vis Island, the town of Vis is situated at the bottom of a protected bay. If you are in love with culture, tradition, mystery and the best Adriatic cuisine has to offer, you will love Vis, or Issa (as the ancient Greeks called it). One of the reasons why Vis itself is considered a wonder is that it is a place where time remains still. Vis was established by ancient Greeks in 397 B.C, but has up to this day retained the old, irresistible Mediterranean charm and life without stress and trouble. It’s a top destination for yachtsmen from all over the world and you will be able to find the secrets of Vis yourself.

Day 5


The fabulous island of Hvar is knowns as the ‘Queen of the Dalmatian Islands,’ and if this is the case, then her royal retinue is the Pakleni Islands to the south west, filled with serene coves and beaches to escape from the lively bars and clubs in Hvar town, which party long into the early hours of the morning.

Day 6


Brac is one of the largest of the central Dalmatian group of islands in the Adriatic Sea and one of the many stunning destinations to visit while enjoying a yacht charter in the Mediterranean. Brac offers a rich cultural and historical heritage going back to pre-historic times, as well as mouth-watering seafood, spectacular landscapes and bays, crystal clear sea and charming local hospitality.

Day 7


Trogir is one of Croatia’s oldest cities on the Adriatic coast, with a small island situated between the hills and the coast of the island of Ciovo being the main ‘centre’ of Trogir. Twenty islands, islets, small counties and small villages make up the entire Trogir Riviera, making this place a lovely destination to visit aboard a luxury yacht. Based on ancient Greek, Roman and Venetian culture, its rich history offers plenty of churches, towers, fortresses and other monuments to visit. The town of Torgir is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Day 8


Split is arguably the most famous tourist destination in Croatia. It hosts the famous Diocletian’s Palace, which is considered to be one of the strongest ties in all of Croatia to the rich culture of ancient Rome. Diocletian, the emperor of the ancient Roman Empire, created the city and selected the exclusive enclave as his retirement spot.