New England

Day 1

Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor straddles Southampton and East Hampton in New York. Being towards the end of Long Island, there is no end to the amount of entertainment available if you berth in Sag Harbor. If you want to stay local, you have a choice of ice cream shop, burger joints, and Italian to satisfy the stomach. For entertainment, there is the beach, a nature reserve for hiking, theatre and cinema. The Big Apple is right on your doorstep, though.

Day 2

Fishers Island

Fishers Island, New York, not to be confused with Fischer island in Florida, has some nature-based activities available to tourists. The island has what is necessary for life in a small town. Seafood and typical island-type food are available.

Day 3

Block Island

Block Island is a conservation paradise with 40% of the island set aside for that purpose. On top of this there are about 25 kilometres of beaches. The island hosts a number of restaurants and foodies have a wide choice of cuisines. As you would expect on an Atlantic island, seafood has pride of place on most menus. Most of them open during the holiday season only. There are many types of entertainment on the island, including a full 18 hole golf course attached to the Brenton Hotel, cycling, horse riding, hiking, nature reserve walks, sailing and fishing. It is essential to book a round of golf in advance. This is a place to visit if outdoor and natural entertainment are what you are after.

Day 4


Visit the Breakers, the grandest of Newport’s summer “cottages” and a symbol of the Vanderbilt’s social and financial preeminence in the turn of the century America.

Day 5

Martha's Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard, better known as The Vineyard, is an island summer destination south of Cape Cod and is best known as the location of the film Jaws. It is one of only five place names in the USA to contain an apostrophe. The islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Chappaquiddick are permitted to produce wines with names classified by the American Viticulture Association’s wine-of-origin nomenclature as Martha’s Vineyard AVA wines. The island is also known for the craft beer brewed by Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery in Edgartown where one can also share platters of mainly locally sourced food in the Tap Room. The island has six towns which can all be reached by bicycle, cab or bus. Film festivals devoted to arthouse, independent, international and African-American films are held at various times each year on the island. The islands are not renowned for wild nightlife and are best visited for outdoor activities like walking, cycling, picnicking, beach activities, visits to oyster farms and the annual film festivals.

Day 6


Nantucket is known for its springtime daffodils. The island’s wealth was founded on the whaling industry which was established in the seventeenth century and lasted until the 1830s when it was destroyed by fire. The Nantucket Whaling Museum is one of the notable points of interest which also include other noted museums and galleries. The island is not renowned for having a hectic nightlife and may be described as typical New England. It is home to several beaches and lighthouses which are necessary considering the shipwrecks and maritime collisions which have occurred in the past. Restaurants on the island cater for all tastes. For those who enjoy locally made drinks, Nantucket has its own winery and a craft brewery which creates brews from locally sourced ingredients, both traditional and fruit based.

Day 7

Cape Cod

Perhaps best known for its game fishing, Cape Cod is also a very popular destination for beach lovers having about 900 kilometres of beaches. There are more than sixty individual beaches, most of which have public parking facilities. Cape Cod is comprised of fifteen towns which in turn have multiple smaller villages. Once there, it would be advisable to download the cell-phone app which will help you to plan your daily activities. In a place as large as this, having an area of 880 square kilometres, it is unlikely that you will not find something of interest to you. Similarly, every type of food outlet from high street franchises to fine dining restaurants is on offer.